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Our Goals

The Albanian Climbing Festival was created to serve three main reasons:

+ to promote a sustainable active lifestyle

+ to create more climbing crags and sustain existing routes

+ to make an example how much potential natural resources can be through adventure tourism, which  empowers small local business, and small local communities

The destination of the Festival moves around Albania, in remote unique places with stunning beauty, but forgotten by our institutions. Faced with economic issues most of the villages in Albania are using whatever resource can gather from nature, from cutting whole forests to destroying river bands or blowing cliffs for limestone. The aim is to empower these small villages by bringing some business and a lot of attention from the international climbers communities. Eventually tourism can help they live and respect nature, with sustainable and etiological forms of profit. All the money that we collect from the Festival fee goes to equip new routes all around Albania, and promote climbing/hiking or whatever adventure sport the regions have.

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